Galoob - MicroMachines

Galoob Toys was founded in 1957. In the mid 80s they started selling their famous "MicroMachines". The official 10th anniversary was celebrated in 1997. "Official" because some early blisterpacks show copyright dates of 1985.
At the end of 1998 the rival toymaker Hasbro acquired Galoob for $220 million in cash.
Some people say Galoob went out of business because the licensing fees got too high to continue selling their MicroMachines in the US. So today the little toys can only be bought outside the US under the Hasbro name.
The earlier Hasbro ones were good quality, compareable to Galoob issues. But the later ones made the cost-cutting measures clear.
Today only the Galoob MicroMachines are accepted as "real" ones by their fans and they quickly became very desired collectable toys.