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FD Stock Audio Systems Worldwide

Mazda offered different types of audio systems depending on which car model the customer did choose.
Here you can find out differences and view wiring diagrams as well as connector pinouts.
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Strutural View
Strutural View
Strutural View


CD deck

Center SP

Center AMP

Front SP

Rear SP


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The Short Plug

Some RX-7 owners want to get rid of the factory single Bose CD player because it's time for an aftermarket CD changer e.g. with FM modulator. When they disconnect the CD wiring, the headunit works as usual but speakers keep silent.
That's because of the unusual connection design of the Mazda/Panasonic headunits: The music signal is led out thru a 13 pin DIN jack and then has to be looped back. This is done inside the stock CD player. When disconnected, this leading back switching is missing. Headunits without CD players are equiped with socalled Short Plugs that loop the signal back
People having lost this dead-end connector or Bose owners that want to get the CD player out of the car can wire the pinouts as shown on the right side. Short Plugs namely are not easy to get and workshop fiches do not show them.

How to connect other devices

The DIN jack's line INs allow to connect other devices and play them via the factory sound system. You need a male 13 pin DIN connector that is not easy to get. But if you look out persistently, you should be able to get one. As far as I know that connector is the same (not the pinout!) as it's used by Midi sound or Atari monitor connections.
I cannot guarantee that the wiring diagram on the left side works. I could not prove it because I unfortunately do not own a stock head unit. So try all connections at your own risk. There's nowhere said how the system control lines have to be switched, but this solution actually should work.
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You can connect aftermarket CD changers, MP3 players, discmans or whatever you want. RCA or a headphone stereo jack, it's your choice.
You can even make your own mobile phone In when you have a hands free unit. But wiring becomes more complicated. You need three relays: One to produce +12V for the system control because the hands free unit's control signal is ground switched. The other two relays lead the phone signal into the line INs and are also activated by the +12 V.
Bose owners who want to keep the CD unit can have an Aux IN and/or Phone IN as well. But they should use a short "inter" connector made of a male and a femal DIN plug. That keeps the CD player wiring untouched.
Happy soldering.

FD Custom HiFi Installations
Wanna present your 3rd generation car audio installation? Feel free to send me your pictures. Other RX-7s are welcome as well!
Picture taken from www.jlaudio.com

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